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Vocational Centre at Dhangadi - plans taking shape

We are in the final stages of negotiation through our chosen NGO Partner, the Nepal Youth Foundation, with the local Mayor in Dhangadi about plans for the Vocational Centre.


Dhangadi is in far western Nepal, and is not an area normally visited by trekkers and tourists. It is one of the poorest parts of Nepal, and many young people seek work abroad because there is no work in the area. The local council are therefore very enthusiastic about the project and have kindly donated the land, a huge plot with enough space to develop the site further as funds become available and as young students begin to graduate from courses.


Our Build and Trek 2024 team will spend time working on the site in October this year, and between them and the successful Everest Base Camp 2023 team last year, are funding the entire project – with an initial target of £250,000.


Our Build and Trek team will prepare with training and information events in Keswick in February, May and September before they depart. Aside from getting to know each other (they have all been through a testing selection process last year) they will learn about Nepali culture, building and trekking skills and awareness, CPR and wilderness First Aid, as well as how to successfully raise a minimum of £5000 each towards the project.   

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