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Our work

Our mission is to improve education facilities in the schools we select as most appropriate for funding. This may vary widely – from a playground so that children may undertake sport in a safe environment, to seismically safe classrooms, (46,000 were damaged or condemned after the 2015 earthquake), through to proper sanitary and hygiene facilities that encourage good health whilst at school.


We look for a willingness amongst those school communities to help themselves, and our projects are normally a collaboration between our selected NGO (Non- Government Organisation) who project manage things on our behalf in Nepal, and the local school committee who rally the local population to clear sites, help move rubbish, and sometimes provide labour  and support during the building phase of one of our projects. This “self-help” is essential to making the most of our sponsor’s investment, and indicates that the facilities will be maintained and treasured in the future by the community in years to come.  

Below are a list of the projects we have run in Nepal:

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