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Kunikhop School

Kunikhop School

Nestled in the valley across the river from Salleri and Phaplu this is the school that our Head Porter Kami Sherpa, and his brother Mingma Sherpa attended.  


We first visited this tiny school hidden in the hills in March 2016, it was tiny and had 20 children attending from the various houses dotted around the hillside that made up the village of Kunikhop.   The building was structurally sound and we agreed to come back later that year with new uniform for the children as most of the families in the village were unable to afford the cost of the uniform for their children.  


As promised, after lots of fundraising back in the UK over the summer, we returned laden with uniform, gifts, bubbles, balloons and sweets for the children and had a lovely afternoon of dancing and speeches as the uniform was handed out.  We have been back since and will continue to support this village with more uniform as and when they need.



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