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Vocational Centre - Kathmandu


Our Everest Base Camp and Build and Trek expeditions in 2022 had something of a challenging time, with delays from Covid in 2020 and 2021.

Despite all of that they funded the new Vocational Centre in Kathmandu.  The Centre will provide young people from across Nepal with an opportunity to learn a trade such as plumbing, electrics, carpentry and tailoring so that they can return to their distant villages and start a business. This keeps the skilled workforce in Nepal, adds to the economy and retains the workforce, rather than losing many of them (estimated at 750,000 in 2023) to work abroad in the Middle East for poor wages and sometimes in dire conditions. 


The new Vocational Centre is now up and running with courses underway and the first successful students moving on to paid jobs already. They are in high demand. Run initially by our NGO the Nepal Youth Foundation, with our help this model is to be deployed across Nepal, at initially five other locations.




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