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Chunidevi School

A second Build and Trek expedition took place in November 2017, where members of our team who had raised the required capital through sponsorship got “down and dirty” to help the build project.


The school was identified by the Nepal Youth Foundation (who act as “scout” for projects as well as project managers for the build) and working with them and Far Frontiers, our Logistics company, we established a base camp for a week adjacent to the school on what turned out to be a rather spartan sports field/driving lesson practice area! Having discovered that the foundations had been carefully dug one metre too far to the left, the first task was to excavate the required trenches in the right place with picks and shovels. Some impressive blisters…

A few days of hard graft saved considerable labour costs on the budget, and the team concluded their visit with a full-on British sports day, with egg and spoon, three legged, and sack races. These proved incredibly popular with the children of course, especially when the teaching staff were persuaded to run their own egg and spoon race! 

The trip concluded with a three day trek to get a flavour of the magnificent Himalayas, before the team returned to the UK after a jam-packed fortnight.  

A year later the opening ceremony took place for 6 new classrooms, all earthquake proof, so that the children can now learn in a safe environment. Once again team members brought along family and friends to experience the warm Nepali welcome and hospitality.  



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