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We run a selected number of fundraising events that secure the maximum earnings for the charity. This can range from car washes through to Nepal based events where we take small groups of enthusiastic Trekkers out to Nepal to experience the country and see and work directly on our projects.


Every year we run a Nepal based event in November, alternating each year with a trek to Everest Base Camp to see the highest point on earth at close quarters, with “Build and Trek” – an opportunity to help fund classrooms and other school facilities and then spend a fortnight working on the school build and also take part in a short trek to see some of the highest mountains in the world. We run these events on alternate years and make no bones about our intent to capitalise on sponsorship to raise funds. All events are self-funded by participants, so every penny raised through sponsorship goes direct to the project.  

Below are a list of upcoming events we are running:

Everest Basecamp Trek 2023

In October/November 2023, we will be giving another opportunity to trek to Everest Base Camp and help raise valuable funds or Supporting Nepal's Children and the 
St. James's Place Charitable Foundation.

To apply or find out more please email:

Everest Basecamp Trek 2022

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In October 2022, 17 enthusiastic trekkers will head off to Nepal to raise funds and experience this iconic trek first-hand.

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Build and Trek 2022

We intend to repeat this very successful two-week event in November 2021, where the team will help to fund and build a Vocational Centre for young people to learn a trade





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if you are interested in an upcoming event or just want to get involved then please fill out the following form and we will be in touch.

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