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Build and Trek November 2021 -Postponed to October/November 2022

We intended to repeat this very successful two-week event in November 2021 and were funding and building a Vocational Centre for young people to learn a trade– carpentry, plumbing, electrics, welding, fabrications and tailoring, so that they may go back to their village and start a business.

Our plans have been thwarted by the COVID situation in Nepal, so we have continued fundraising  but have postponed our expedition until October 2022. Our funding will already help build the foundations, basement and ground floor of the Centre, so when we arrive in October 2022 we hope to have raised enough funds to build the remaining three floors. The Vocational Centre is a phenomenally successful model piloted by the Nepal Youth Foundation, and we are helping expand the capacity of the existing facilities.


The team will be expected to raise at least £5,000 each, that  will be doubled by St. James’s Place for their charitable causes, specifically Onside Centres for young people in the UK. If you are interested, and would really like to help, please get in touch with Roger Owen at

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