By SNC, Dec 5 2016 04:00AM

I was sat in the Everest Bakery at 10,500ft in Namche Bazar in November 2016 when I got the call.

“I have been asked to make a donation, where do I send it?” said Laura. I expressed my thanks, and gave her the details. “How much is it for, out of interest? I enquired.

“£25,000” said Laura. I nearly spluttered my coffee all over the bakery and my Ipad.

“Gosh, thank you Laura… how on earth did that happen” I asked, completely shell-shocked.

It turns out that Dorjee Gyalgen, our close Sherpa friend, supporter, and twelve times Everest summiteer (so far) took a certain executive to the summit of Everest recently. Dorje told him about our work. That same executive made a presentation, and someone in the audience was sufficiently moved by the story to make that donation.

Never, ever underestimate the power of a compelling story, or people’s incredible generosity when they see the plight of others.

By SNC, Jun 22 2016 03:00AM

We are delighted to announce our "Build and Trek" Programme for November 2017 that we will be running in conjunction with our NGO, the Nepal Youth Foundation. You can come to Nepal for a fortnight, help rebuild a school that was shattered in last year's earthquake, and then enjoy some well earned views and spectacular trekking in the Annapurna area of the Himalayas. All accompanied by our UK staff, our Sherpa team and our cooks and porters.

You can experience Nepal like no other visitor and will work with experienced Nepali builders to help rebuild classrooms amongst communities that desperately need our help. You will live amongst the community in our little tented camp, will be well looked after, and will enjoy what will be a life changing experience.

Come and join us! For further details, contact Roger Owen, SNC Trustee and Everest Summiteer, who will lead each event.

By SNC, Jun 7 2016 07:00AM

In November this year Alastair Buchan, Richard Cook and Mark Brant will scale Mera Peak and Island Peak in the Himalayas, giant mountains over 20,000feet high. They will carry Rocham School's flag to each summit to raise funds that will help rebuild classrooms, following the devastating earthquake that shook Nepal in April last year.

Rocham, an inaccessible village in the high Himalayas, had never seen a westerner in the village until we turned up - now with a little luck we will help them build eight new classrooms that were shattered in the earthquake.

It’s not cheap - each seismically-safe classroom costs around £10,000, and every ounce of cement and every nail has to be carried in by mule or porter from the nearest road, two days away.

So we need your generosity once again. Please press the Donate button and help us rebuild this tiny school in the shadow of Everest.

Alastair, Richard and Mark

June 2016

By SNC, Apr 27 2016 03:00AM

Bouncing along the potholed roads in a LandCruiser with bald tyres and no suspension for six hours isn't everyone's idea of fun, but when you are going to visit a school you have helped raise money to rebuild its a different matter altogether. Mandali High school was at the epi-centre of the earthquake that shook Nepal in April last year, and since then young students have been continuing their learning in makeshift corrugated iron classrooms and converted cattle sheds.

We saw the school's new classrooms and nailed plaques to every door, surrounded by enthusiastic bubbly children, teachers and parents who had come to join the celebration. The plaques bear the names of significant donors, money so generously donated from across the globe will ensure that these children will now learn in modern, seismically safe classrooms that will withstand any future earthquakes.

We even got a chance to decorate the classrooms and help with the building. It doesn't get better than that!

Roger Owen

Mandali High School