You never know who is in the audience – a major donation for SNC

By SNC, Dec 5 2016 04:00AM

I was sat in the Everest Bakery at 10,500ft in Namche Bazar in November 2016 when I got the call.

“I have been asked to make a donation, where do I send it?” said Laura. I expressed my thanks, and gave her the details. “How much is it for, out of interest? I enquired.

“£25,000” said Laura. I nearly spluttered my coffee all over the bakery and my Ipad.

“Gosh, thank you Laura… how on earth did that happen” I asked, completely shell-shocked.

It turns out that Dorjee Gyalgen, our close Sherpa friend, supporter, and twelve times Everest summiteer (so far) took a certain executive to the summit of Everest recently. Dorje told him about our work. That same executive made a presentation, and someone in the audience was sufficiently moved by the story to make that donation.

Never, ever underestimate the power of a compelling story, or people’s incredible generosity when they see the plight of others.