Ten new classrooms for Mandali High School

By SNC, Apr 27 2016 03:00AM

Bouncing along the potholed roads in a LandCruiser with bald tyres and no suspension for six hours isn't everyone's idea of fun, but when you are going to visit a school you have helped raise money to rebuild its a different matter altogether. Mandali High school was at the epi-centre of the earthquake that shook Nepal in April last year, and since then young students have been continuing their learning in makeshift corrugated iron classrooms and converted cattle sheds.

We saw the school's new classrooms and nailed plaques to every door, surrounded by enthusiastic bubbly children, teachers and parents who had come to join the celebration. The plaques bear the names of significant donors, money so generously donated from across the globe will ensure that these children will now learn in modern, seismically safe classrooms that will withstand any future earthquakes.

We even got a chance to decorate the classrooms and help with the building. It doesn't get better than that!

Roger Owen

Mandali High School